Privacy Policy

Regulation of use:
These are rules related to using the App. Users must comply with these rules when installing and using the application.

Change of regulations:
We may change the rules according to the development policies of the development team. When changes are made, we will post a new version on this page, which will be effective at the time of posting. After changing the rules, if a member uses the App, we consider the member has accepted all the new rules.

Use of the service:
Users who sign up for an account and sign in to the App are registered users of the service, as defined by the development team, and approved by the development team.

Suspension of service provision:
We reserve the right to discontinue service without prior notice to all users.

Advertising and displaying ads from third parties:
App has the right to display its own ads or third parties for income generating purposes in order to assist the development team to further refine and enhance the application.

Collection and use of user information:
The App reserves the right to collect and use the acquired data about the device as well as the user for the purpose of improving the quality of service.

Settlement of disputes, applicable law:
In the course of use, if a dispute arises between the user and the development team, the two parties shall proceed to negotiate a settlement with the spirit of friendship. In cases where the settlement can not be resolved by the mediation, the court will take the economic settlement.

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